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… flowers in your hair …

Flower and flower crown hair accessories have enormously gained in popularity over the past few years.  From the bridal flower crown, the ultimate summer festival hair adornment, all the way to the perfect infant girl photo prop, flower hair accessories are everywhere.
Flower hair adornments are nothing new; they have been around for centuries.  Think of Julius Cesar and the laurel halo in the Roman era or the flower crowns worn by ancient Greeks while honoring their Gods.  Later, when Christianity spread in the world, flower crowns in particular fell out of fashion because of their association with pagan religions. In the Renaissance, the interest in floral headdress came back as artists and scholars sought inspiration in Antiquity. 
Fast forwarding to the 20thcentury, who doesn’t automatically associate the flower crown with Frida Kahlo or the 1960’s and the hippie culture?  Today flower headpieces are a fashion statement, a symbol of romance, femininity and free-spiritedness.


The femininity and free-spiritedness is what I am trying to capture with my new felt flower collection. The addition of the flowers to doodle.lidoo hair accessories is a little departure form the sleek silhouettes of the glitter hair clips and headbands but the two lines also complement each other and the warmth of the wool felt the flowers are made of adds a soft touch to the entire collection.  All of the flower petals are hand cut and hand painted to give them character and a natural quality.  

So, whether you are a free spirit or you have a little girl that likes to adorn her hair with flowers, I hope you'll find something in our new collection that will charm you and you can treasure and enjoy for many years to come.


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